Ronaldo is The Fastest Scorer Madrid

Cristiano Ronaldo continues to reap goals with Real Madrid. He has now entered the list of top 10 scorer Spanish giants, but the most rapid achievement.

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Two goals made while Real Madrid host Mallorca 5-0 bulldoze last night, or Monday (10/29/2012) pm dawn, making Ronaldo joined by two legendary players, Jose Martinez Sanchez and Emilio Butragueno aka Pirri, as players fertile number seven Madrid with 123 goals in La Liga.

However, if the calculate time and the average, Ronaldo arguably more “greedy”. You see, he reached 123 goals in just 110 games, in about three and a half years – joined since 2009.

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Why The Big Lebowski Is The Greatest Bowling Movie


BowlingBalls 5-1 (1)

There is always a lot of discussion among both film fans and serious bowlers about which movie is the greatest bowling movie of all time. Some aficionados steadfastly maintain that Kingpin, low-brow fare that it (almost inarguably) is, is still the greatest bowling movie due to the brilliant, scene-stealing performance of Bill Murray. They make a compelling argument with regard to Murray, but alas, they are still wrong. We’d bet net the worth of motiv bowling balls that The Big Lebowski is the greatest bowling movie of all time, a veritable Citizen Kane of bowling movies. Here are a few reasons why.

In Lebowski, the talented Coen brothers give us a modern analogue to the classic Raymond Chandler detective story. This is the kind of story where the quirky characters one meets along the way are much more interesting and important than the convoluted, often bewildering plot itself. But, ah, what characters we meet. Jeff Bridges gives life to “The Dude,” the ultimate stoner slacker who practically lives at the bowling alley with his two best friends Donny and Walter, both played brilliantly by Steve Buscemi and John Goodman, respectively. After many twists and turns, including the unexpected death of one of the main characters, Goodman as Walter Sobchak gives a heartfelt (if rambling) eulogy for their departed friend. He concludes with an expletive and then adds the words, “Let’s go bowling.” The film then returns to the bowling alley for a summing-up by the narrator, aka “The Stranger” played by Sam Eliot. It is a smart, funny, wonderfully funky film that was terribly under-appreciated by critics at the time of its release. It has gone on to become a recognized cult classic in the years since. Still, what about its place in the pantheon of bowling movies? We must conclude that the brilliant dream sequence alone, with its Busby Berkeley-inspired bowling choreography, assures its place as the greatest bowling movie ever.

BowlingBalls 5-2 (1)

So fire up that streaming device or Blue-ray player and watch The Big Lebowski. You may say afterwards, like Walter Sobchac, “Let’s go bowling.” If that’s the case, make sure you check out They have any and everything bowling-wise you could ask for, and all at very attractive prices.

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Lorenzo wins at the Grand Prix of Japan

lorenzoJorge Lorenzo beat Marc Marquez in the Grand Prix of Japan and make sure that the title fight will take place until the end of the season.

At the Japanese Grand Prix, and Lorenzo Marquez takes victory to finish in the bottom third in order to win the world title.

But by grabbing pole position Lorenzo, 26, led from start to finish. This victory is a victory and second consecutive narrow differences with Marquez points to 13 points only.

Meanwhile, Marquez and Dani Pedrosa finished second and third.

These results indicate that the racing world title will be decided in Valencia on 10 November. Finish the race in fourth place alone can guarantee Marquez became the youngest world champion in 64 years in the MotoGP championship.

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Sebastian Vettel: Schumacher Era is Much More Tedious

sebastianSebastian Vettel said he believed that the era of the dominance of Michael Schumacher in Formula 1 is much more boring than phenomenal achievements in recent years.

Vettel will win the world title for the fourth time in a row, had won in Japan this Sunday and his nearest rival, Fernando Alonso, ranks only ninth or below.

Vettel-Alonso different points adrift far today, 77 points, which makes the British driver, Lewis Hamilton, says understand ‘disappointment’ F1 fans as the race results are too easy to predict, as happened in the Schumacher era.

Hamilton said it was often watching F1 at the beginning of the race, fell asleep, and then woke up looking champion Schumacher.

Responding to comments Hamilton, Vettel said, “First of all this of course is a compliment.”

“But my case is different. Example race in Singapore (last month),” said the Red Bull driver.

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Rafael Nadal wins U.S. Open

Spaniard Rafael Nadal won the U.S. Open after defeating world number one Novak Djokovic of Serbia.

Nadal overcame the main competitor in the finals which take place in a thrilling four sets in New York, United States.

Nadal won 6-2 3-6 6-4 6-1 in a match that lasted three hours 21 minutes.

One of the remarkable 54-shot rally is the longest in the tournament with a 20-shot that presents exciting match for the 23,000 spectators at Arthur Ashe Stadium.

Nadal has now won 13 Grand Slam singles title with Roger Federer still holds the record as much as 17 times.

After last year’s absence from the event of the U.S. Open for seven months with a knee injury, Nadal is now regaining the number one ranking.

“I’m very, very emotional,” he said. “All the teams I know how much this game means to me. Playing against Novak is always carrying a very special feeling and nobody can bring me a game like he did.”

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Webber admitted losing motivation in F1

webberMark Webber admits has lost motivation as the reason backwards from Formula 1.

The Australian 37-year-old admitted his motivation to race steadily decreasing in recent years.

“I was tired of F1 in terms of motivation, over the last few years,” he told F1 automotive magazine.

“You should be encouraged. Reset your thinking every winter and the fire in me is not the same as when I was 24.”

Webber, who won nine grand prix titles and almost became world champion in 2010, was leaving F1 “fastest in a year is too late”

“I still enjoy sitting strapped in the car and drive it in the pit lane, which is a little disappointing, but I’ve talked to a number of athletes who had been at an intersection where making a decision is not easy and they are messing with it,” he said.

“I may leave F1 fastest year but with the rule change next season (the use of turbo engines with the fuel limitation) and the opportunity to join a team of Porsche, is a good policy to me.”

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Murray to Face Wawrinka in the Quarter-finals of the U.S. Open

murrayDefending champion Andy Murray will face Stanislas Wawrinka in the quarter-finals of the U.S. Open quarter-finals today (05/09).

Ninth player from Switzerland has previously been rid of Tomas Berdychin fifth player in the fourth round, and then said, “I think this is my best game.”

Murray and Wawrinka are scheduled to begin not before 18:30 local time.

Wawrinka, 28, is the last person who beat Murray in the first week of the Grand Slam – the U.S. Open in 2010 ago.

But the British number one’s 26-year-old led 8-5 in their latest match in Arthur Ashe Stadium, United States.

Wawrinka started training with Swede Magnus Norman, the former world number two, in April last, and has returned to the top 10 world ranking in 2013 after five years.

“I do not know if he’s practicing harder,” said Murray. “He made changes to the training system may have helped because for some time he did not have a coach was able to help a little, the match him with Novak in Australia at the beginning of the year, which can contribute to it as well. There are many things that go into it.

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